Trevor Harding


Principle Consultant

Trevor has been with GVR Solutions since the start, he has a real passion for wanting to help and is committed to providing an above and beyond service to both client and candidate. Trevor has made Freelance and Permanent placements in Main-Contracting and Sub-Contracting across London and home counties.

He has 20+ years business experience within Construction, Recruitment, Finance and Project Management. His studying took him in to Finance and Project Management, but his always had a love for construction which is why he changed his career path into construction recruitment.

Trevor has an all-round knowledge of Main Contracting, Sub Contracting, Finance and Project Management which allows him to communicate with clients and candidates regarding work.

Trevor enjoys and sees value in meeting clients, knowing more about the business, their story, their vision and seeing the offices, workshops, projects and meeting staff.

He also enjoys meeting candidates and learning more about their actual work and day to day tasks, the type of person they are, their interests, vision and what motivates.

Interests: Construction, Joinery , West Ham, Socialising, music and spending time with his family.